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UKGE Meteorit HED Achondrite (Diogenite) NWA 7831

Product no.: 69530
Manufacturer: UKGE

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Product description:

This attractive HED Achondrite (Diogenite) NWA 7831 was found at Saguia el Hamra, Western Sahara, on 3rd March 2013. It was discovered buried in the ground near Chouichiyat and excavated by local villagers.

A Single large mass of at least 20kg was recovered, composed of yellow-green crystalline material with pale orange weathering products along numerous fractures. The meteorite disintegrated into thousands of smallish fragments during excavation.

This interesting Diogenite is composed almost entirely of translucent yellow-green orthopyroxene with very sparse, tiny grains of Ni-free metal, troilite, chromite, anorthite, silica polymorph and clinopyroxene, secondly pale orange, clay-like deposits.

Similar to illustration: The image is an example of the single meteorite you will receive, it will not be the exact specimen in the photo.

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