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Special prices on selected globes!

October 10 2023, Stefan Taube

Until 30 November you can buy unique globes at special prices!

Among the selection is, for example, the  illuminated Antique floor globe with a diameter of 43 centimetres in a frame that allows it to be turned and tilted. This means that you can also comfortably examine the countries of the southern hemisphere. You now save €179!

You can also find the popular globe bars by Zoffoli in our selection. These globes are manufactured in Italy and will captivate you with their special elegance and attention to detail!

Think of Christmas too! A globe is a particularly valuable gift. This is especially true of the exciting designer globes that you will also currently find on offer.

Globes are a valuable educational tool for children and young people, and a timeless gift.

For this reason you can also find globes for children among our selection.

Browse through our large selection of special globes and take advantage of these savings until 30.11.2023 or as long as stocks last!

New: Light & Colour designer globes

June 19 2023, Stefan Taube

The Light & Colour series is a range of products from Atmosphere, which combines an elegant design and remarkable colours with the compact presentation of geographical information on a globe.

The globes in this series are available in a total of 12 different colours. Simply select the colour that matches your surroundings.

The use of energy-saving LED bulbs ensures that the Light & Colour series of globes shine with an intense light, making them a fascinating and original light fixture.

You can find all the Light & Colour models here in our online store.

POLAR: classic weather stations with incredibly precise mechanics

March 27 2023, Stefan Taube

These classic weather stations with mechanical analogue pointers are particularly aesthetically pleasing and will enhance any living space. K. Fischer GmbH, the fine instrument manufacturer, offers fine mechanical craftsmanship created in its own production facilities in Germany.

Wetterstation Thermohygrometer POLAR

POLAR thermo-hygrometer weather station

Fischer presents a new series of handmade barometers, thermometers and hair hygrometers under the brand name POLAR. These are the three most important meteorological measuring devices, which provide information about the current weather conditions and the room climate.

All instruments are precisely adjusted after manufacture and function completely maintenance-free. Each individual instrument is assigned a serial number.

The curved instrument pointers ensure parallax-free reading of the respective measured value. The dial’s typography and indices are clear and easy to read, despite their graphic refinement.

An overview of all instruments in the POLAR series can be found here in the shop.


Sky Quality Map of Europe: Where can dark night skies still be found?

August 9 2022, Stefan Taube

Following the success of the Sky Quality Map of Germany, Oculum Verlag has produced another pull-out map showing light pollution. The Sky Quality Map of Europe is a comprehensive source of information for anyone looking for dark skies in Europe.

Sky Quality Map

Additionally, the map can play an integral role in the public relations activities of observatories and also contribute towards the conservation of nature as light pollution is not only annoying for astronomers, but it is also a significant cause of insect death.

Satellite images were used to generate data which renowned Italian researchers Fabio Falchi and Riccardo Furgoni then processed.

This data was carefully calculated, taking numerous factors into account, to enable them to reach reliable scientific conclusions about artificial light in the night sky.

Sky Quality Map

A high-quality travel map was used as a cartographic basemap. Even small towns, bodies of water, train tracks, streets and attractions are listed on the map. This means the map can be used for planning as well as for navigation.

BookGlobe: books between the worlds

June 30 2021, Stefan Taube

Shakespeare, Goethe or cookbook: between the BookGlobe bookends, classics, guidebooks and other readings feel right at home and appreciated.


The bookends‘ angles come in a solid metal design and support even weighty tomes.

The highlight: The globes are magnetically secured. Therefore, the globe itself can be removed effortlessly for convenient viewing.

The manufacturer emform currently offers four different BookGlobes models, all of which are available here in our shop.

New Zoffoli bar globes: Explora series

March 4 2021, Stefan Taube

As white as the ice in Greenland, as green as the Amazon rainforest and as red as the barren earth of the Grand Canyon. The Explora bar globes offer the colours and the atmosphere of your dream destinations: Olive Green, Old White and Honey Brown. These are the three colour variations of this brand new Zoffoli bar globe.

Explora - Old White_ Weltkugel-Bar

A bar globe is a refined article with lots of style and suitable for modern and classical environments. This furnishing accessory is never taken for granted and it bestows all your rooms with hospitality and wormth.

Thanks to Explora, you can keep your passion for travelling and exploring alive. Daydream about your next exciting adventure whilst sitting comfortably on your sofa with a glass of your favourite Whiskey in your hand.

The Explora globes cartography is an original replica from the 18th century. Ornaments and mythological motives, reproduced from the work of the Dutch-German cartographer Andreas Cellarius, decorate the inside of the globe.

Explora - Old White_ Weltkugel-Bar_1

The globe guards your favourite bottles of wine and spirits like a valuable treasure chest. You and your guests can indulge in a beverage of your choice and enjoy the peaceful, laid-back atmosphere.

The globes have a diametre of 40cm and provide enough space for 2 to 3 bottles and around 9 glasses. You can use the lower compartment on the base to store other spirits, while the upper shelve around the globe provides enough space for preparing drinks.

If you are looking for an authentic accessory for your home or an ingenious present for a very special person, the Explora bar globe is the right choice. It’s a truely magnificent piece of furniture that will charm your home with a touch of extravagance and astound those, who receive it as a gift.

You find all models of the series here.