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Zoffoli Globe Bar Da Vinci Rust 40cm

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Manufacturer: Zoffoli

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360 degree Zoffoli Globe Bar Da Vinci Rust 40cm
Zoffoli Globe Bar Da Vinci Rust 40cm
Product description
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Product description:

The map from the Universal Globe series shows the geographical knowledge of the 17th and 18th centuries. It draws on the work of the contemporary Dutch cartographers, who relied on reports from explorers such as Barents, Le Maire, Tasman and Roggeveen.

Other cartographies originating from the same period supplement the map with distant and at that time only vaguely known places, such as a large part of the Tartar Empire, the North American sub-polar region and the east coast of Australia. The "terra incognita" of the Arctic and Antarctica are shaded.

Zoffoli has retained the usual use of the Latin names, since they are a common characteristic of the different cartographies. The drawings reflect the usual ornamental and mythological themes of the time. The sailing ships depicted are copies of those ships that practically demonstrated that the earth was round. A globe is the only form in which this geographical three-dimensionality can be made comprehensible to the human eye.

This globe bar offers space for two to three bottles and nine glasses in the upper section. Additional bottles of spirits can be stored on the shelf below. Thanks to castors, the globe bar can be moved smoothly without anything being tipped over.

When closed, the bar presents itself as a fine globe.

Inside the upper sphere, the globe depicts mythological figures of the northern starry sky

The stable fastening of the northern hemisphere at the meridian guarantees a long service life.

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