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Glossary | Globes | Special features

A variety of special features distinguish one or more specific properties of a globe.

More information:

Antique globe

Antique globes are characterised by their vintage design.

Audio-visual pen compatible

Many hand-produced globes are compatible with the Columbus audio video pen.

Bar globe

A bar globe is a home bar in the form of a globe.

Celestial globe

The celestial globe shows the sky as seen from the Earth.

Children's globe

A children's globe is a particularly child-friendly sort of globe.

Day and Night Globe

With a day and night globe, the change from day to night is brilliantly illustrated.

Design globe

Design globes stand out from the crowd thanks to their form and colour schemes.

Electronic globe

These unique globes with an electronic information system provide you with knowledge like no other globe can.

Floating globe

A floating globe uses magnetic forces to allow the globe to float freely between two poles.

Hand laminated

Globes, where which the map image is applied by hand.

Mini globe

Mini globes are especially small globes up to 15cm in diameter.

Outdoor globe

An outdoor globe is specially designed for outdoor use.

Raised relief globe

While most globes have a smooth surface, raised relief globes have a three-dimensional surface finish.

Special edition model

Special edition models have at least one characteristic that no other globe possesses.


Some globes are compatible with the Ting audio pen.