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A variety of special features distinguish one or more specific properties of a globe.

More information:

  • Antique globe
    Antique globes are characterised by their vintage design.
  • Audio-visual pen compatible
    Many hand-produced globes are compatible with the Columbus audio video pen.
  • Bar globe
    A bar globe is a home bar in the form of a globe.
  • Celestial globe
    The celestial globe shows the sky as seen from the Earth.
  • Children's globe
    A children's globe is a particularly child-friendly sort of globe.
  • Day and Night Globe
    With a day and night globe, the change from day to night is brilliantly illustrated.
  • Design globe
    Design globes stand out from the crowd thanks to their form and colour schemes.
  • Electronic globe
    These unique globes with an electronic information system provide you with knowledge like no other globe can.
  • Floating globe
    A floating globe uses magnetic forces to allow the globe to float freely between two poles.
  • Hand laminated
    Globes, where which the map image is applied by hand.
  • Mini globe
    Mini globes are especially small globes up to 15cm in diameter.
  • Outdoor globe
    An outdoor globe is specially designed for outdoor use.
  • Raised relief globe
    While most globes have a smooth surface, raised relief globes have a three-dimensional surface finish.
  • Special edition model
    Special edition models have at least one characteristic that no other globe possesses.
  • Ting-compatible
    Some globes are compatible with the Ting audio pen.
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