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Homestar Pro Original home planetarium

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Product description

Please be aware of the new Sega Toys Home Homestar Flux Planetarium with even brighter 5 Watt LEDs and very attractivegift wrapping!

The Classic Home Planetarium by Sega Toys

Imagine enjoying the sky full of stars while sitting on your sofa. This dream can become reality with the Homestar Original from Sega Toys. The high definition planetarium with the ultra-bright 3 watt LED and its rotating movement projects the Night sky throughout the year. Two interchangeable disks contain the fixed stars in the northern hemisphere will enable you to observe the night sky or the map of constellations. And with the integrated “shooting star” function you can help your dreams come true even quicker. Projection angle and focus are adjustable. The handy timer lets you fall asleep while gazing at the stars turning off the planetarium automatically.

Since the product launch of the Sega Toys Homestar Original in 2006 it has established itself as a leading brand. The Homestar Series was developed by the Japanese inventor & entrepreneur Takayuki Ohira. As a recognized specialist for professional planetariums he has received numerous innovation prizes. His company supplies large planetariums internationally. Ohira has been driving the development of the Sega Homestar series in the joint development efforts of both companies. The result is home planetariums which project thousands of stars also at home at a very fair price.

Technical specifications

  • 60 000 stars
  • Projection distance: 150 cm to 230 cm (adjustable focus)
  • Plug: CEE 7/16 Europlug, UK mains adaptor
  • Light source: Ultra-bright 3-watt white LED
  • Projection area: circle with a diameter of approximately 270 cm
  • Age recommendation: 6 years and up
  • Projection surface: ceiling, wall or other flat surfaces
  • Projector dimension: 16.1 cm × 15.9 cm × 15.1 cm, 800 g
  • Two-year guarantee

Our expert comment:

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Projection distance (m)
1,5 - 2,3
Projection diameter (m)
LED output
Rechargeable battery operation
Power plug
Remote control
Timer (min)
15, 30 & 60


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)
Instruction Manual
German and English

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Sega Toys Homestar Pro Original home planetarium
Optional, selectable 'meteors function'.
Sega Toys Homestar Pro Original home planetarium
Ultra-bright white light LED with 3 watt light output.
Sega Toys Homestar Pro Original home planetarium
A practical timer for shutting off automatically after 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
Sega Toys Homestar Pro Original home planetarium
The projection distance is adjustable from 150cm to 230cm thanks to the adjustable focus.
Sega Toys Homestar Pro Original home planetarium
Projection circle approximately 270cm in diameter.
Sega Toys Homestar Pro Original home planetarium
60,000 twinkling stars.

Customer reviews

Review by anonymous on 18.02.2016 21:51:38

( 5 / 5 )

For those people , like myself, that eagerly await the next clear sky within weeks and weeks of clouds and rainfall; this device can bring a little consolation. Project the milky way galaxy on any ceilng, set the 15 minute timer and doze off under thousands of stars... me and the misses enjoy this one :-)

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