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Ting sensor pen

Product no.: 24161
Manufacturer: Ting

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Ting sensor pen
Ting sensor pen
Product description
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Product description:

TING (the Chinese for 'listening') looks just like a simple pen. But it hides a unique technology making it a combination of reading device and smart mp3 player. A code on a book's pages is read using the sensor on the pen's tip. This code is linked to various audio files related to the book. TING recognizes the code when tapping on photos or text and goes to its index and to play the appropriate file using the built-in speaker (or headphone jack). The device features a short response time and excellent sound quality.

To make a TING compatible book audible, audio files must be transferred to the TING pen. To do this, touch the activation logo on the book's back cover and simply connect the audio pen, as prompted, to any Internet-enabled computer via the USB port. TING recognizes the book title and the audio extras for the book can be quickly and easily downloaded into the pen. The excellent overview provided by the pen's software provides information on the book titles as well as mp3 files downloaded.

If any files are deleted, they can be downloaded again at any time (and of course for free) as often as required.

TING is ideal for educational, travel and children's literature:

  • language learning is made easy with TING - it helps with the right solutions for gap-fill exercises. There are books in english, german, french, italian and many other languages!
  • arts guides and guide books can be vividly experienced with TING - it tells the story of the object.
  • children's books become even more fun with TING - songs, puzzles and sounds surprise young readers.
  • information about technical or craft books - easy and comfortable to listen to.
  • get to the book quickly and accurately on the Internet via the web link function.
  • TING makes games come alive - the pen can give the rules for games or act as a 'player', providing an exciting and fun experience.

The TING digital pen consists of:

  • a USB port for downloading audio content or for charging battery
  • headphone socket
  • built-in loudspeaker
  • Play / Pause switch
  • On-Off switch

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