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Columbus Floor globe Duo Magnum 100cm (English)

Product no.: 18159
Manufacturer: Columbus

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Columbus Floor globe Duo Magnum 100cm (English)
Columbus Floor globe Duo Magnum 100cm (English)
Columbus Floor globe Duo Magnum 100cm (English)
Columbus Floor globe Duo Magnum 100cm (English)
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Product description:

Patience, experience, high technology combined with traditional knowledge, these are the exclusive features of the Magnum.

This superb craftsmanship and its impressive size make it a truly impactful 'objet d'art', thus being an informative reference globe.

Perfection in detail

The unique relief impression and its cartography created with special care for the details provoke the viewer to touch it.

Pure-functional aesthestic

The classically elegant fork base is finished in a special high grade brushed steel.

Stunning cartography

The map of the Magnum is printed on a high resolution plotter and is hand-covered on the sphere.To guarantee a very nice glare, it is exclusively Laser printed.

The 40 hours of work and passion necessary for its production, its noble size, its plain elegance and unique quality make it something really special; german craftmanship and technology at its best.

The Duo map.

The political map (switched off) shows the various countries of the earth in many matched colours.
The physical map (switched on) shows the mountains, the plates, the plains and sea-beds.

The map is adjusted manually on a blown crystal sphere that is seamless and highly luminous.

The impression of relief shown by the illuminated map is really astonishing. Columbus doesn't just print their globes; they strive to create an incredibly deep, flawless shine. It all starts in their state-of-the-art 'clean printing room', where their craftsmen work just with superior acrylic sheets. Bringing in all kind of papers is strictly forbidden, because it would bring in fine paper dust particles which could later be attracted in the printing process. Printing up to 24 successive layers of colors, there's a curing process between each layer, along with an inspection and careful cleaning. Once the printing is complete, a high gloss clear coat layer is applied over the entire map, then it is sent back for inspection to our cartographic department.

Unmistakable Columbus cartography: Splendour of Elegance.

Image similar!

4D Globe App for iPhone and iPad

Once downloaded, you will have access to the latest information on the world. Move your iPhone or iPad above your illuminated DUO globe, and you will let float current weather information, temperature of all important cities around the world. Or simply choose our encyclopaedia for all countries to learn more exciting and important things of our world. This encyclopaedia is updated daily. Or did you ever wonder about the inner earth core? This and other features like alternative maps are available with the 4D Globe App!

Knowledge and astonishment are guaranteed. New themes are offered step-by-step. This feature is only available for DUO series of Columbus globes.

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