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The oldest timepiece known to humanity in an elegant design with precision workmanship - these are the sundials from Helios.

Sun dials reveal the daily and yearly rhythms of our planet, thereby allowing us to share in these recurring cosmic movements.

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Weitere Infos zu Helios

Mechanical engineering graduate and company founder Dr Carlo Heller develops sundials at his company that use a range of different operating principles - from handy pocket ‘sundials’ to large outdoor sundials on stands as well as wall-mounted sundials. These employ a range of different materials. The right solution for any setting!

"In our fast-changing age, people have lost their awareness of the natural course of time. I would like to correct this with my sundials: So that people can rediscover these natural rhythms and experience time naturally and consciously again." (Carlo Heller)

Be like the sundial - only count the sunny hours.